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THE Leadership Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Dec 15, 2021

Listen to Dr. Greg Story’s interview with William Farmer, Managing Director of Dale Carnegie Australia on “Business: The Art of Winning Podcast!” In the interview, Dr. Story shares valuable insight on leading in Japan, surviving COVID-19 as a training company, building lifelong partnerships with clients, and developing one’s personal and professional brand.


Dr. Story shares his three guiding values as a leader. First is to have “kokorogamae” – meaning true intention. Having the “kokorogamae” to build lifetime partnerships, build a good reputation, and achieving success is an important starting point. Secondly, being reliable and accountable is key in a conservative, risk-averse business environment like Japan. Thirdly, building helpful relationships and seeking support through mentors and resources like podcasts is crucial in continuous growth and success.


In addition to being President of Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo and a Dale Carnegie Master Trainer, Dr. Story has written several Amazon #1 Bestsellers books: “Japan Sales Mastery”, “Japan Business Mastery” and “Japan Presentations Mastery” and most recently “Za Eigyo” on how to sell in Japan.


All of Dr. Story’s books and online content are true accounts of his experience doing business and leading in Japan which he hopes will help Japanese people and those working in Japan to improve their professional sales, presentation, and leadership skills.


Dr. Story advises other business professionals to design their personal and professional brand carefully and consistently. He explains that by doing so, “when people find you in business, they find the best you that you want to put forward, and they will ascertain whether they want to do business with you.”