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THE Leadership Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Jan 31, 2018

Me, Me, Me Leaders


Getting to the very top of a company is a zero sum game where you either make it or you don’t. There are winners, losers and wannabees. For the highly ambitious, the efforts start early. Often from childhood they have self-selected themselves to become the leader. To earn their spot at the top...

Jan 24, 2018

Japan's Big Challenge


The demographic challenge for Japan is looming on the horizon.  The decrease in the numbers of young people is permanent. What companies will face is a shift in power from the company side to the employee side.  The young entrants into Japanese companies will start to realise they are in super...

Jan 17, 2018

Stop Making Yourself Invaluable


It is rather counterintuitive to suggest we leaders become less invaluable isn’t it. When you are climbing over the bodies on the corporate climb to grasp the top positions, you have to show you stand out. You have to show you are “the one”, better than the rest, the most talented...

Jan 10, 2018

Engaged employees are self-motivated. The self-motivated are inspired. Inspired staff grow your business but are you inspiring them? We teach leaders and organisations how to inspire their people. Want to know how we do that? Contact me at


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Jan 3, 2018

Dealing With Companies’ “Senior Problem” In Japan


A senior problem in the past meant having a “senior moment”, where you forgot something and this lapse hinted at oncoming dementia. Today in Japan it has an entirely different meaning and refers to the demographic problems Japan is facing. Japan is...