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THE Leadership Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Feb 22, 2017

Boss Stimulation Is Needed


Our education moves through many transitions.  We do our basic academic education at school and university and then we hit the university of life.  Company education programs begin with very basic induction sessions.  We may be studying technical subjects for regulatory requirements or the...

Feb 15, 2017

Get Ready For Your Productivity Nosedive



Brace yourself for everything to take a big hit. Speed, attention to detail, output, results are about to fall off a cliff. No this has nothing to do with currency rates, trade regulations, tariffs, gunboat diplomacy or anything Donald Trump is about to do as President. This...

Feb 8, 2017

Hey Donald Trump, Try “Winning Friends and Influencing People” Instead


Donald Trump’s phone call with Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s Prime Minister was major news. The tastier parts of that conversation were leaked from the American side, but the style and language reported seems to be in keeping with Donald...

Feb 1, 2017

Buying People

 When we buy a company, we are buying the people and all the “assets” - plant and equipment come with them, rather than the other way around. The due diligence gets done, the books are looked at carefully for any signs of “cooking”. Hidden debts, secret undertakings, compliance and regulatory...