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THE Leadership Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Nov 30, 2016

Personal Visionary Leadership


Normally we think of a visionary leader as someone who shows us the way forward, who motivates, encourages and inspires us. The entry ticket to becoming a visionary leader though, is to have a clear vision for yourself. We are all notorious spruikers of pungent advice for others, none of...

Nov 23, 2016

Become Your Own First Responder


There are billions being spent in the beauty business, the weight loss, fashion and entertainment worlds. These are the fantasy lands from where we receive our images of success. By comparison, we are too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat, too poor, too whatever. Actors, sports...

Nov 16, 2016



Leaders gain automatic trust by dint of their position power.  Title and authority ensure people will toe the line, laugh at our jokes, tell us “Yes”.  This type of trust only goes so far though in gaining the willing cooperation of the team members.  In a busy life however, with so many demands on our time,...

Nov 9, 2016

Running A Foreign Business In Japan


 Running your own business is challenging anywhere, but Japan adds a bit of spice to the broth. According to official statistics, 70% of Japanese companies are unprofitable. Business seems pretty simple at one level – constantly seek to increase revenues and reduce or hold down...

Nov 2, 2016

The Boss’s Genius Ideas



Shinya Katanozaka President of ANA Holdings came up with a genius idea. Allow the passengers to order breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever they pleased. Passenger surveys showed the clients were in full agreement. What the boss had not anticipated was that passengers would order the meals...