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THE Leadership Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Jun 30, 2016

Structured Project Planning



It sounds so obvious that we should have structures for doing our project planning. Projects are part and parcel of the fabric of work life and they constantly arise. It is surprising though that so many teams are busily working away with no structure whatsoever. The project team jumps...

Jun 23, 2016

Charismatic Leadership


Are you a perpetual student? I am always keen to learn and improve in my business, so I recently participated in a webinar on the subject of charisma in leadership. The set up for the webinar was impressive – the web landing page, the registration process, the videos, the automated follow–up...

Jun 15, 2016

You Don’t Want Sales


Clever, shallow, smooth as silk, glib, “rat with a gold tooth” salespeople are the scourge of the earth. They are focused on your money and how quickly they can separate you from it. There are no barriers to entry or qualifications to enter this field of work. Riff raff need not apply but...

Jun 9, 2016

Hard Talk Fallacies


You have to tell people how it is or you will lose power and authority. If you swallow what you want to say, you will diminish yourself. If you avoid hard conversations, you will have less influence. You need to tell them exactly how you are feeling. This was the tenor of the advice coming from a...

Jun 1, 2016

How To Be A Much Better Leader


“Born to lead” is nonsense. Many things shaped that person in order for them to achieve credibility with others. Of course, we can become a “leader” as part of our company designated hierarchy. We sit somewhere in an organizational chart above others, with various reporting lines...