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THE Leadership Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Jul 29, 2015

Become A Rockstar Coach


A consistent issue our clients raise with us concerns effective coaching. Becoming a leader is usually the result of demonstrating your own ability to get results.  We promote the performers in the hope some of the pixie dust will get sprinkled around. The outcomes are often underwhelming. ...

Jul 22, 2015

Our Habits Define Our Success


We are all the product of our habits.  What we do regularly defines our level of success.  Bad habits, good habits are all the same, in terms of the production of results, so the input point not the process, becomes very interesting for those wanting to succeed.  How do we ensure that we...

Jul 15, 2015

Hip Hop Rapper Advice for PM Abe



Vince Staples, American Hip Hop Rapper, was recently quoted in a Financial Times interview, “You have to paint the picture because everyone doesn’t come from the same background”.  Having just attended the Japan Summit 2015 at the Okura Hotel Ball Room run by the Economist and...

Jul 8, 2015

Romancing Japan


Japan’s ignominious end is being triggered by a lack of romance.  This retarded romantic environment is whittling away vital procreation efforts, which in turn is creating shortages of corporate fodder for the captains of industry.  The end of the world is nigh.  Well that is what is being served up...

Jul 1, 2015




Grumpy, angry looking, unfriendly customer facing staff  - welcome to America!  Dale Carnegie's Human Relation's Principle Number Five is "SMILE".  It may sound a bit simplistic but actually the idea is very profound and has a lot of depth.  You would never guess that this idea to smile when you meet...