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THE Leadership Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Jan 28, 2015

Let’s Go For The Sale’s Bull’s-eye


Sale’s solutions are what make the business world thrive.  The client has a problem and we fix it, our goods or services are delivered, outcomes are achieved and everybody wins.  In a lot of cases however these are only partial wins.  Problems and issues are a bit like...

Jan 21, 2015



As professionals how do we grow in our business careers?  Academic studies usually form the platform to which we add: on the job experience; books, articles, blogs and websites; mentors showing us the short cuts; cleverer colleagues providing insights and continuing professional development...

Jan 14, 2015

How To Give Praise That Resonates

Cynical, skeptical, doubtful, cautious, suspicious, worried – yep, that is our usual reaction when we hear praise being directed toward us.  You're the boss, you have read about the power of praising staff, however it never quite seems to work the way it should.  You recognize and...

Jan 7, 2015

Mr Nakatani and the Gold Plated Room


The snow was heavy as the bus pulled out of the Yamashiro Hot Spring Hotel. Twenty minutes later we were deposited in front of a large store, designed to entice tourists to spend up big.  Our tour group obediently trotted in toward an area at the back, appointed with fold away...